Speed Paver Game


Based on Snow Plow Madness, the player tries to pave as much asphalt as possible before the time runs out. A simple AI tracks where the user has gone and follows their truck to occasionally refill.

Flash Required

Problem » Strategy

I had skinned Snow Plow Madness for one of our clients, the Asphalt Institute. It was a huge hit with their members, so they came back to us asking for a “Snow Plow Madness v2”. We decided that simply reworking the graphics again wouldn’t have the same appeal, so we decided to make the game a bit more complex.

In this version, you drive an asphalt paver. As you go, you need to pave as much gravel road as possible while avoiding the green grass. Eventually you'll run out of asphalt, so you need to call for a refilling truck. The refill truck AI tracks where you've driven and drives out to you to fill you back up with more asphalt. While you're refilling your truck, the game displays a series of facts about asphalt.


Since I had built the first version of the game using object-oriented techniques, it was a breeze to repurpose most of the code and add the custom AI functionality and factoid bubbles.


It too as well received by their members, so much so that they based an entire campaign and nationwide tradeshow booth around Speed Paver (I have the t-shirt to prove it!).