Snow Plow Madness


Isometric tile-based game where the player tries to clear as much snow off the roads as possible before the time runs out.

Flash Required

Problem » Strategy

The design firm I was working for wanted to create a holiday promotional piece that would encourage repeat visits and could easily be shared by our clients with their colleagues.


I came up with the idea of a game where the player drives a snow plow intent on clearing the way for Santa’s sleigh through various levels. I started by building a simple overhead version of the game. As I was working, I realized an isometric view would be a logical progression from a Flash-based 3D engine I was working on and the game took on a life of it’s own. The whole thing is built using ActionScript 2.0 and object-oriented techniques. I built all the sprites in Cinema4D.


Our internal team was extremely happy with the results. We received positive buzz from our clients. One of our clients, The Asphalt Institute, hired us to develop a similar game for them that they used for a the cornerstone of an entire marketing campaign. Since the code was modular, it was fairly easy to repurpose and extend.