Sevinpold DVD: Trailer


A trailer for a new board game that was used both to generate interest online and bundled in as a DVD with the game itself to provide ambiance. Original animation and motion built in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Flash Required

Problem » Strategy

Darkness Falls on Sevinpold was a new board game. After the client was unhappy with the work an external illustrator had submitted, I was brought on to create 3D models of characters in the game for the box art.

After further discussions, I realized that a key component of the game was the rich mythology and narrative that had been built up. Unfortunately, most initial play testers completely missed out on this aspect.

I proposed making movie trailer-style video for the game to bring players up to speed.


I was able to leverage much of the work done on the box art, I rigged the 3D character models and animated them in Cinema 4D. I also built several landscapes in Terragen for use in cut scenes. With an external recording artist, we hired voice talent to narrate the story which was overlaid on a soundtrack that was written for the game.

Scenes were edited together and additional effects were added in After Effects. I authored the DVD itself in Encore.


Client was extremely pleased. The trailer was repurposed a number of times for trade shows, a small promotional tour through game and hobby stores and a thirty second television spot. In followup play tests, players enjoyed the game more after they watched the trailer. The 3D models themselves were further repurposed for true-to-life cardboard standups, promotional postcards and a trade show booth.