Sevinpold DVD: Instructions


Fairly complex gameplay instructions quickly explained in an animated guide.

Flash Required

Problem » Strategy

Darkness Falls on Sevinpold was a new board game that had fairly complex rules. The game's creator found them easy to explain in person, but they were difficult to understand when simply written down.

Following the success of the trailer for the game that I had created, I proposed animating the rules and bundling them on a DVD with the game.


I worked with the client to write a script, then coordinated with a musician and voice talent to record and the instructions overlaid on background music. To keep the dry rules engaging, I rebuilt and animated the gameplay in Cinema 4D rather than shoot the actual components. The individual steps of the rules were strung together on the DVD in Encore.


Client was extremely pleased and play tests confirmed that how the game was played was quickly understood after watching the rules rather than reading them.