Website promoting a board game. Features Flash-based animation, innovative Flash-based 3D treasure viewer and video of how the world of Sevinpold came to be.

Flash Required

Problem » Strategy

Sevinpold is a board game designed for 8-12 year old boys set in a fantasy world. Players collect cards from various castles and use them to win the game. I worked with another designer to develop the game packaging and headed up the development of the website. Our two goals were simple: build upon the game’s mythology and drive online sales.


We knew we would want shots of the different characters in the game to use in both the packaging and the website, so I built 3D models of all the characters and in Cinema 4D and built a handful of rich environments using a mix of Cinema 4D and Terragen. After multiple iterations with the client, we established the look and feel for the packaging. The work was also repurposed into a 10-minute game trailer and instructional DVD packaged in with the game.

Building off the work we had done on the packaging, I built a 3D engine in Flash that was used to create an environment where visitors learn about the cards in the game. I also repurposed the trailer I had created for the DVD.

I worked with a developer on an eCommerce section where visitors can by the game or Sevinpold swag. Retailers were directed to a section of the site just for them with links to news articles and reviews about the game.


Our internal team and the client was extremely happy with the results.