Sevinpold Commercial


30 second spot leverages existing elements I had developed to promote a new board game. A slick motion graphic template was used to quickly swap out text to promote local game stores.

Flash Required

Problem » Strategy

A few years after I had developed the box art, story line trailer, animated quickstart guide and print collateral, I was contacted by the game's publisher to quickly create a thirty second television spot.

After speaking with the client, we realized that they were most successful in promoting the game when they teamed directly with local game and hobby stores. I proposed promoting those local game and hobby stores in the end of the spot.


I worked with the client to write the script, then hired the same recording artist and voice talent from the game trailer. Once I had the audio, I leveraged existing animation from the game trailer and quickstart guide to create most of the spot. I used models I had already rigged to create additional animation to fill out the spot.

In order to quickly scale to build multiple spots each promoting different local shops, I built an XML-based template in Motion that could be edited in any text editor.


Client was extremely pleased and the spots ran in a handful of markets.