G.I. Joe Proposal


The traditional new product proposal gets an exciting makeover in the form of slick motion graphics and a rich Flash-based interface.

Flash Required

Problem » Strategy

Hasbro had a hard sell. They wanted to revamp G.I. Joe by making the series and action figures more realistic and gritty. Because of the importance of the Joe line, the product manager decided that a traditional presentation to the Hasbro brass and potential partners wasn't going to cut it.

I was hired to develop an interactive piece that would be used to sell the new direction for the line. Unfortunately, the project needed to be completed in less than a week!


Given the tight time constraint, I hit the ground running. Working with the lead designer on the Joe line, we came up with a high-tech espionage visual language. I then hired a recording artist to quickly write some theme music.

I quickly built a handful of rough 3D models in Cinema 4D and conveniently hid their deficiencies in fog and high-tech grids and artifacts added in After Effects.

I then designed and built the screens for the presentation in Flash, pulled in the rough motion graphics and music and stitched them all together in ActionScript.


The presentation was a success. The brand was relaunched under a new name, “G.I. Joe: Sigma 6”. Recently, the big screen adaptation of G.I. Joe was released using a similar visual language.