The Food Operatives


Promotional website containing a detailed case study of how KGB Advertising.

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Problem » Strategy

KGB Advertising had fantastic success with work done for one of our clients, gourmet ice cream purveyor Graeter’s Ice Cream. Based on the results, we decided to develop a mini-site focused on our experience with Graeter’s and use it to gain new business.

KGB, as an agency, was known for coming up with witty campaigns, so we wanted to emphasize that with something fun and memorable. Playing off of KGB’s name, I decided to go with a secret agent feel. I also engaged in research to determine a list of potential clients.


I co-wrote the copy, designed and built the entire site. I also designed and built a brief motion graphics Flash video that introduces the site. I then designed and assembled a series of elaborate mailers that went out to the list of potential clients we had developed.


KGB promptly acquired two new clients in the food industry quickly following the launch of the promotion initiative.