Custom Courseware Analytics


Flash-based dashboards used by instructors of 1000+ students to determine trends and reach out to struggling students.

Flash Required

Problem » Strategy

Custom Courseware is an interactive textbook with embedded multimedia and assessment designed to address the unique needs of extremely large college-level courses. After discussions with instructors, my team determined that traditional grade books can be improved upon for large courses. Trends were time-consuming to interpret, they didn’t provide actionable insight, and they rarely were useful in identifying exactly what the sticking point on a particular subject was for students.

We quickly realized that we could address these problems with a series of analytics that could provide a dashboard-view of what was happening in a particular course. The platform already associated text-based and assessment content with granular learning objectives. We leveraged this existing mapping and combined with individual students’ usage data to provide meaningful glimpses into how a course was progressing. This enables instructors to spot trends in the class as a whole and reach out to struggling students via email.


I contributed to research, designed and built the XML-reading Flash widgets.


The analytics have been used by all of the Custom Courseware adoptions and have received high praise from instructors and administrators. Within my team, we've used it as an example of how asking, “what is the problem we’re trying to solve?” rather than “how can I mimic what’s gone before?” results in innovative solutions.