Star Wars Action Figures - FX7 and Bacta Tank


A small Star Wars playset featuring a FX7 robot action figure and large Bacta Tank with control panel.

Flash Required

Problem » Strategy

While working at Hasbro, I had the opportunity to work on a number of action figures. One of my favorites was FX7 and the Bacta Tank. It's based on a brief scene in Empire Strikes Back. We wanted a playset that was extremely detailed and accurate, but had limited imagery from the actual film and most of the original props were long gone.


I researched the scene and pulled together as much imagery from the film and photos of the set and props. Based on that information, I created a series of sculpt inputs, documents that are passed on to a sculptor to guide them in their work. Because details in the source imagery was scarce, the details I created were extremely valuable in the sculpt of playset.


Product was released in 2001 and, from what I understand, collectors and fans were quite pleased.